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St Narsai Christian College students break the code

There is a secret code at St Narsai Christian College – it its seven letters and starts with the letter ‘S’. Can you guess it? Yes, that’s right: success. Students Alana Sellanes, Georgis Ishak, Carmen Dawood, Lana Lazar and Melis Cherie excelled at the recent National Computer Science School (NCSS) Python Coding Competition. From the more than 20,000 students from Australia and New Zealand who participated in the NCSS Challenge Alana, Georgis and Carmen finished at the top of the leaderboard with perfect scores. Not to be outdone Lana and Melis finished with scores of 409/410 and six other students received a high distinction (scores of 380 plus) in the competition. The students competed for five weeks, learning to code by solving interesting and engaging problems.   Coding in action. “Eight questions were released for students to use the python programming language to solve. Python is considered as the base language for computer programming,” Technology and Applied Studies Faculty teacher Laura Stewart said. “This term students have been studying software development and programming and worked collaboratively to complete each question. “By completing each challenge from a project-based approach and with little prior knowledge to computer programming prior to entering this competition, all students have done not only themselves …

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His Grace Mar Paulus Benjamin attends a meeting organised by Dr. Odisho Khoshaba

On Thursday September 14th, 2017 His Grace Mar Paulus Benjamin, Diocesan Bishop and Dn. Dadway Daniel attended a meeting that was organized by Dr. Odisho Khoshaba at Hilton Hotel, Northbrook IL. The purpose of this meeting was to clarify the actual political spectrum presented by Mr. DAS Joseph Pennington Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iraq Bureau of near Eastern Affairs accompanied by Mr. David Staples. Luncheon was followed after the meeting. The meeting was in attendance of: Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council, Assyrian American Federation Capni Organization Abna Nahrain Party Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA) Assyrian Democratic Movement (ZOWA) Bet Nahrain Party Ninveh Plain Defense Fund On behalf of His Grace Mar Paulus Benjaminthe diocese would like to extend his thanks to Dr. Odisho Khoshaba for organizing the meeting. Source: (ACOE Easter Dioces Facebook Page)

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Consecration & Testimonial Dinner – Live

مباشر …. مراسيم الرسامة الأسقفية للاركذياقون نينوس ايليا، اسقفاً على فكتوريا ونيوزلندا، بوضع اليمين المباركة لقداسة البطريرك مار كيوركيس الثالث صليوا وأصحاب الغبطة والنيافة. Live broadcast of the Consecration of The Rev’d Fr Ninos Elya, Bishop-Elect Diocese of Victoria and New Zealand by His Holiness Mar Gewargis III Sliwa, Catholicos-Patriarch Of the Assyrian Church of the East. St Abdisho’s Church Coolaroo, Victoria, Australia

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